January Tarotscopes

Tarotscopes are collective tarot readings completed by me pulling 2 tarot cards representing the past and present/future. I also pulled a collective Blessing Oracle Card for each group. Tarotscopes resonate best when applied to your rising sign. HOWEVER, for a full picture you can read the tarotscope for your sun and moon sign. If itContinue reading “January Tarotscopes”

January Astrology Events

January 6th: Mars enters Taurus at 5:27pm  Expect to be more deliberate in your intentions, but less quick to act. Your focus will be more on the outcome of the action, which will lead you to think more about your plans and process at this time.  The energy may be slower to anger however, theContinue reading “January Astrology Events”

Healing without an Apology

Whenever someone talks about healing the word forgiveness usually comes up in the conversation. Forgiveness is a powerful tool for healing of any kind because it’s a path way into making amends with someone and/or a situation that wronged you in some way. However, rarely, if ever, is healing presented from the perspective of whatContinue reading “Healing without an Apology”

Forbes Article Feature

Hey guys! Super exciting news! I’ve been featured in a Forbes.com article where I am discussing my experience with the pandemic. This article highlights those of us who have been somewhat negatively affected by the pandemic, but who are staying strong, finding ways to navigate the situation positively, and finding ways to stay afloat inContinue reading “Forbes Article Feature”