Vegan Cheeseburger


Vegan beef substitute of your choice (I enjoy Lightlife Foods burger patty)

Violife cheddar cheese slice

Vegan Mayo of your choice

Red Pepper Hummus (optional)

Roasted peppers and onions (optional)





See roasted peppers and onions recipe. 

Cut your desired amount of cucumber, tomato and any other vegetable you want on your sandwich 


Heat a frying pan to medium-high heat (remember this is not a meat patty so it will not take as long to cook nor does it require an extremely high heat to cook thoroughly) 

Place your patty into the pan

Allow each side of the patty to cook for 5-8 minutes 

Continue cooking until your patty until it is cooked to your liking (should not take more that 15 minutes)

(Optional) brown your burger bun with butter in the pan before assembling your patty 

Assemble your burger and enjoy!

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