Greek Yogurt Parfait with Grapefruit & Peach

Anyone ever crave yogurt? No? Just me? It’s okay I like it here! I was reallyyyy craving a yogurt parfait so I went and got me some yogurt. I also purchased some peaches because they looked oh so good! I had about 5 grapefruit sitting in my fruit bowl that I really wanted to use. I added a large portion of the grapefruit to a Prickly Pear Hibiscus iced tea I made, but I had some leftover so I added the rest to my yogurt. Yummers!


Greek yogurt of your choice (I used Good & Gather (Target brand))






Thoroughly wash your peach and grapefruit

Remove the rind and fiber (skin) from the grapefruit sections

Crush your desired amount of walnuts 

IMPORTANT: when infusing or using any type of food with a rind, especially citrus fruit, please remove all if not most of the rind from the food before putting it into your food. You only want the pulp in your food because any trace of the rind will make your meal bitter. Fiber changes the texture of your meal and can be a hassle to eat.

To cut the rind off of your grapefruit curve your knife blade to the curve of the fruit (Picture 1). Cut off the ends of the grapefruit to keep it stable. Starting at the top of the grapefruit, but into it curving your knife into a ‘C’ shape along the grapefruit. Once the rind is off, take each section of the grapefruit and pull off the fiber (skin) (pic 2). Pic 3 shows what your grapefruit should look like. You only want to collect the pulp.


Place your desired amount of greek yogurt into a bowl 

Add your desired amount of grapefruit pulp and peach to your bowl

Sprinkle your crushed walnuts into the bowl

Drizzle honey over your ingredients


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