Prickly Pear Hibiscus Citrus Tea


Tazo Hibiscus tea

Tazo Prickly Pear tea

Grapefruit (optional)

Lemon juice (optional)

Cane sugar (optional)


Remove the rind and fiber from your grapefruit.

IMPORTANT: when infusing or using any type of food with a rind, especially citrus fruit, please remove all if not most of the rind from the food before putting it into your food. You only want the pulp in your food because any trace of the rind will make your meal bitter. Fiber changes the texture of your meal and can be a hassle to eat.

To cut the rind off of your grapefruit curve your knife blade to the curve of the fruit (Picture 1). Cut off the ends of the grapefruit to keep it stable. Starting at the top of the grapefruit, but into it curving your knife into a ‘C’ shape along the grapefruit. Once the rind is off, take each section of the grapefruit and pull off the fiber (skin) (pic 2). Pic 3 shows what your grapefruit should look like. You only want to collect the pulp.


Boil enough water to boil your desired amount of tea (I boiled an entire kettle of water and I used all of it)

Put your water into a container that can handle heat (a plastic pitcher or glass pitcher that can handle heat will do!)

Brew your desired amount of tea bags (I used 5 of the hibiscus tea bags and 3 of the prickly pear tea bags). Let your tea brew for at least 15 minutes, but you brew your tea based on how strong you want it to taste. The longer the stronger.

Once your tea has brewed to your liking, remove the tea bags (you can even save them for later!)

Put your desired amount of grapefruit or any other fruit you would like to add to your 

Add lemon juice if you would like to. You can also add cane sugar or another type of sweetner (I had a tablespoon because I didn’t want unsweetened tea but I also didn’t want a very sweet tea)

IMPORTANT: if you intend to store your tea in a glass container, firstly make sure the container is heat safe. Next, DO NOT place your hot glass container into a cold fridge. This could cause the glass to either crack or burst due to the extreme change in temperature. Allow your glass to cool to the touch BEFORE putting it in the fridge.

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