Rosemary & Garlic Roasted Potatoes


Potatoes of your choice (I used white potatoes because that is what I had, but any potato will do)

Minced garlic (I buy mine pre-minced, but you can mince your own if you prefer to do so)


Himalayan Salt

Black Pepper

Onion Powder



Wash and scrub your desired amount of potatoes

Mince your garlic and wash your rosemary if you need to (I didn’t use fresh rosemary so I didn’t need to)

Cut your potatoes as you wish

Line your baking sheet with foil or parchment paper


Once your potatoes are cleaned and cut up, place them into a mixing bowl (you can always mix on your baking sheet. I do that or use a bowl…just depends on how I’m feeling)

Season your potatoes with your desired amount of each ingredient and add some oil (you don’t need a lot, just enough to coat the potatoes!)

Mix the potatoes until they are all coated in the oil and seasonings

Evenly spread your potatoes onto your baking sheet

Place your baking sheet into the oven at 450 degrees and let the potatoes cook until they are cooked to your liking 

Important: I cut my potatoes pretty small so it only took about 30 minutes for my potatoes to fully cook. Please note that depending on how thick you cut your potatoes they may take longer to cook. To check them you should a) see if you can easily stick a fork into them and/or b) they appear mealy when you try to cut one open with your fork. Potatoes that are cooked thoroughly are not hard, mealy, or hard to cut into using just a fork. They should be soft.

Once your potatoes are thoroughly cooked, safely remove them from the oven

Let them cool if you plan to eat them right away or store them in the fridge for later


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