Sautéd Baby Kale

So I was at the Lidl grocery store one day shopping for veggies. I was in the salad section and that’s when I saw a package for baby kale. I had never seen baby kale before but I guess kale would have to grow through all the life stages to before adult kale…? Yea, so I was intrigued and decided that I wanted to try it. I actually reallyyyyyy enjoyed it! I like the taste of kale and how it is not a super soft green even when cooked. I can’t explain it but there’s some girth to it. I love that it still has kale consistency but not the bitterness of grown kale. That’s right! If kale can be a bit overpowering for you baby kale is the way to go!


Baby Kale

Bell peppers (I do not recommend using a green bell pepper for this recipe due to kale being a bitter green and green peppers not being as sweet as the others)

Red Onion

Red pepper

Himalayan salt

Black pepper

Garlic powder

Oil (optional)


Thoroughly wash your veggies before consumption!

Cut your bell peppers and onions into your definition of a bite sized piece (mine are smedium sized squares)


Place your clean baby kale, onions, and bell peppers into into a sauté pan

Allow your kale to cook down and for your other veggies to sweat. Move the veggies around every 2-3 minutes to make sure all the veggies are getting the change to cook down and not burn!

Once you begin to see your onions turning translucent, it is time to season your greens and add some oil (oil is optional. I literally add a drop. It just helps the seasonings adhere better to the veggies)

Note: I season my greens like this all the time because I just think it makes more season to season the greens once they reach a state where you would like to eat them. I believe it makes them taste better but I’ve never tested the theory of seasoning my greens as soon as I put them in the pan so…take that with as you will (haha!)

Continue to move your veggies around so that they are evenly coated in the seasonings

Continue to cook until your greens are a deep green and still appear to have some firmness to them

Once your greens are cooked to your liking, remove them from the flame and hot saute pan as quickly as possible (to prevent further cooking and/or possibly burning your greens)


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