Spicy Vegan Beef Crumble with Cheesy Grits

This was a hodgepodge, I need to go to the grocery store meal that turned out wonderfully! For starters, I am a spice fanatic! I cannot eat food without it having some sort of “kick”. I keep hot peppers on hand so this all started around how can I eat my jalapeños (lol). I also wanted grits, I had a Lightlife burger in the fridge, and my jalapeños. Thus, my lunch was born!


Lightlife vegan burger (or any vegan beef you have. I used the burger because they were already in my refrigerator)


Violife shredded cheddar cheese



Jalapeños (optional)

Himalayan salt

Black pepper

Vegan butter


Mix a hot sauce of your choice and honey to a bowl and stir well (I also added a little bit of mayo to make the sauce creamier)


Thoroughly cook your vegan beef and add seasonings of your choice ( I didn’t add any seasonings to my beef but you can!)

Option 1: Heat some water in a kettle, Option 2: place your grits in a microwave-safe bowl and heat your grits in the microwave or Option 3: cook your grits on a stovetop (I used the kettle because I was having a “make what you have meal” so I was using instant grits)

Once your grits are cooked to your liking, add the salt, pepper, butter, and  violife cheese while the grits are still hot (vegan cheese doesn’t melt like dairy cheese does so you may have to microwave the cheese to make it melt a little bit more. I did and I microwaved it for 30 seconds and it melted perfectly!)

Assemble your bowl:

Place your grits into your bowl

Add your beef crumbles on top

Add some Jalapeños on the side (optional)

Pour your sauce over the top of your crumbles

Make some toast to go with your meal! (optional)


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