Forbes Article Feature

Hey guys! Super exciting news! I’ve been featured in a article where I am discussing my experience with the pandemic. This article highlights those of us who have been somewhat negatively affected by the pandemic, but who are staying strong, finding ways to navigate the situation positively, and finding ways to stay afloat in these uncertain times.

This is truly one of the proudest moments of my life/career because I’ve always been raised to be strong, resourceful, and brave. I moved back to Maryland in March. I had no idea that I was moving, jobless, in a pandemic. All I had were my savings, thankfully a stimulus check, my mother, and my skills. I REFUSED to let this pandemic get me down. I REFUSED to not make the best out of this situation. I REFUSED to sit by and let this pandemic take me out. I’ve been making it these past 4 months and I continue to make it for the rest of the year and beyond. I am not afraid of this situation. If anything I am better, smarter, and stronger because of it. As a real-optimist, I am aware of what I am up against, what we are all up against, but I also know that I am not on this Earth without all the things I need to survive. I’m not a hope dealer, I just don’t believe in dwelling on things I cannot change. Physically we are in a pandemic, but my spirit does not have to be.

Thank you to Wendy Yowell, my forever friend and supporter, who recommended me for this article. I am FOREVER grateful for you. Thank you to Michael B. Arthur for telling my story. Thank you to my mother for supporting me always (y’all know this is the part where I got misty-eyed right? lol) but seriously, I have a home and I have a parent who has allowed me to figure it out and supports me doing so. That is an unmatched blessing. Thank you to all my family and friends who have been supportive of me in this time (and always!). Thank you to everyone who has read Briwholistically, listened to my podcast, shared my content, subscribed to my content, purchased a tea and/or a treat and/or all of the above. I know I can do anything, but I can do it even better when I know I have a strong support system behind me and I thank you ALL for being that for me.

Last but CERTAINLY not least. Thank you to GOD! All my life all I’ve ever wanted to do was show people what God could do. I’ve been through some thangssssss y’all but with God I made it through every time and I know exactly why I am here and what I am here to do. Thank you God for trusting me to be me.

Read the Forbes Article here!

I love you all! May this be the first of many more!

God bless,


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