Chick’n Sandwich

Ingredients: Gardein Chicken Patty Hamburger bun Violife cheddar cheese Vegan Mayo Onion Tomato Arugula Sriracha (optional) Relish (optional) Prep: Cut your desired amount of onion and tomato; wash your desired amount of arugula. Instructions: Preheat your oven or conventional oven to 425 degrees. Place your chickā€™n patty on to a greased baking sheet. Place yourContinue reading “Chick’n Sandwich”

Raw Vegan Wraps

Ingredients: Butter lettuce Bell Peppers Black Beans Red Onion Cucumber Apple Red Pepper Hummus Lime  Prep: Wash off your desired amount of lettuce for your wraps. Clean your bell peppers, cucumber, and apple. Cut the desired amount for your meal and store the rest. I just about half of each pepper, half an apple, andContinue reading “Raw Vegan Wraps”