Sautéd Baby Kale

So I was at the Lidl grocery store one day shopping for veggies. I was in the salad section and that’s when I saw a package for baby kale. I had never seen baby kale before but I guess kale would have to grow through all the life stages to before adult kale…? Yea, soContinue reading “Sautéd Baby Kale”

Roasted Peppers + Onions

Ingredients: Bell peppers (red, orange, yellow and/or green) Onions (yellow, red, and/or white– I’ve only used red and yellow onions for this recipe) Black pepper Himalayan salt Cumin Cayenne pepper Garlic powder Crushed red pepper Thyme Dill  Instructions: Take your selected amount of peppers and onions and place them on a baking sheet Season with(SeasoningsContinue reading “Roasted Peppers + Onions”