No Guru. Just You.

Conformity is celebrated within our society. Binaries are respected and belonging to a group is expected. Generations of people are brought up believing the same ideals. If there is never any positive exposure to anything outside of their scope then there will be no progress towards acknowledging other groups, or understanding differences between one another.Continue reading “No Guru. Just You.”

Finding Joy in the Rain

Gratitude is defined as the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness. Admittedly, I struggle with gratitude. Life is not promised to be easy, and I try to remind myself that the ebbs and flows of life are one of the only things promised about life. I’m okay withContinue reading “Finding Joy in the Rain”

Grilled PB& J

I saw a grilled PB &J sandwich on my explore page on Instagram and I wanted to try it right then! A few days later I went to the store and purchased all the ingredients I needed to make the sandwich. This sandwich is AMAZING! The peanut butter is still creamy but not sticky onceContinue reading “Grilled PB& J”

Baked Salmon 2 Ways: Sweet Heat and Traditional

Ingredients for both Salmon recipes: Salmon filets Foil or parchment paper Cooking spray (if you use foil)  Himalayan Salt Black pepper Garlic powder Onion powder Salmon #1: Traditional Style Ingredients: Himalayan Salt Black pepper Garlic powder Onion powder Old bay Dill Thyme Key West Spice Company seafood seasoning ( Oil Salmon #2: Sweet Heat SalmonContinue reading “Baked Salmon 2 Ways: Sweet Heat and Traditional”

Sautéd Baby Kale

So I was at the Lidl grocery store one day shopping for veggies. I was in the salad section and that’s when I saw a package for baby kale. I had never seen baby kale before but I guess kale would have to grow through all the life stages to before adult kale…? Yea, soContinue reading “Sautéd Baby Kale”